Towards an ontology for literary history

Modelling of the literary domain poses several challenges, which are discussed at the first official event of the GOLEM project on 3-4th July 2023 (Groningen). MiMoText is taking part with a talk on the ontolgy built within the project.

Ontology workhop, 3-4 July 2023, online.

Christof Schöch and Maria Hinzmann (MiMoText) will be presenting their talk titled “Towards an ontology for literary history: issues of complexity and scale when constructing the MiMoTextBase” on July 3rd, 10:45 to 11:30 am.

For everyone interested in the ontology built within the project “Mining and Modeling Text” (MiMoText), you can have a look here:

Ontology of the MiMoText project.