MiMoText as Use Case for INCEpTION

The annotation tool INCEpTION has published a user story on MiMoText. The tool allows to link knowledge bases within the annotation work and export all annotations with these semantified strings.

MiMoText uses INCEpTION to manually annotate texts from scholarly works. In a first phase Named Entities like literary works and authors as well as thematic concepts have been annotated and relations have been drawn between them. By connecting Wikidata and MiMoTextBase to INCEpTION, scholars could annotate directly using the knowledge bases. For example the thematic information occurring in the texts can thus be linked to a concept from a controlled thematic vocabulary which has been developed in the project.

Exported as UIMA CAS statements where generated from the annotation for feeding them into the MiMoText knowledge graph (see script and documentation on GitHub).

MiMoText use case on INCEpTION website